A case for the slim wallet

Wallets.. Oh yeah, that thing you put everything from money and cards, photos of family, to last years GP Karting receipt and and your Kencell line’s PUK Number.

“But Kagz, Kencell doesn’t exist anymore.” EXACTLY, nephew!

I can’t quite count the number of times I’ve seen an acquaintance of mine reach into their pocket and emerged with a tattered excuse of a wallet. A wallet so old it would tell tales of the 1982 coup attempt; with frayed stitches and all, clinging on to dear life. One of those tri-fold wallets that make a guy look like he had a botched butt implant when it’s in their back pocket. The ones that you can feel wedged between you and your “sina taabu” mahogany bar stool. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Rumour has is that he has a wife and four kids now. – source: reddit.com

Bulky pockets are a major fashion faux pas. As a personal style connoisseur *tips imaginary top hat*, bulky pockets ruin your silhouette. And as a person who subscribes to minimalism, I believe you should really put thought into whether what goes into your pockets is necessary, instead of just jamming everything into your pockets. If you want to carry so much stuff, why not wear cargo pants instead… Or better yet, rock a fanny pack! Oh.. Oh.. or one of those dated belt pouches our dads used to carry their foot-long Ericsson A1018 mobile telephones.


Okay, but really. With the advancements we’ve had with technology, you don’t really need to carry a lot of stuff around. Payment’s are automated, you have an entire generation of photo albums on your phone and Google’s Mobile Vision text recognition API allows for scanning business cards. The bare minimum you need to carry is an ID, Debit / Credit cards, and some cash.

Sleek.. very Sleek

Not yet sold? here are three more reasons you ought to get a slim wallet:

  1. Security
    “Nairobi, Nairobiii” In these streets, a bulge in your pants  (not that bulge, sis) is bait for pickpockets and muggers. Having a slim wallet instead ensure’s you have your peace of mind as you stroll these unforgiving streets.
  2.  Comfort
    With a bulky wallet in your back pocket, you’ll tend to always sit lopsided, which isn’t comfortable and can cause lower back pain. Bulky wallets are a pain in the ass. Literally.
  3. Convenience
    Having a slim wallet means you know exactly what is where. It saves you time whenever you want to pay for something, as you wont be busy shuffling around looking for cash or a credit card. 

So, “Stop wasting your time, stop wasting your good time, because that is where you go wrong”, and get this slim wallet from ZOPO that retails for KSH 2800.

Ditch your other wallet chief!
Slim wallets slide easily into front pockets
You can keep them in your jacket pocket too

Also, you know I have to throw in some outfit pics, for the culture. The entire outfit is from ZOPO as well. They have 4 flagship stores at Garden City Mall, Two Rivers Mall, Thika Road Mall and at The 20th Century Building, along Kaunda Street. You can shop on their website as well, they deliver countrywide.

Wallet and Outfit: ZOPO
Location: Two Rivers Mall
Photography:  Samsonia Photography

It looks great paired with these chelsea boots
Smart casual anyday, anytime
The Dapper Brother himuselefu
Want to look 3x more stylish, cuff those pants
The Dapper Brother -  Muriuki Kagiri
The composition in this photo is everything!
“Haya, sasa nipige nikikaa serious”
Belt from ZOPO too!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by ZOPO. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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