Breaking all the rules

When it comes to style, rules are meant to act as a guide so that you can make the right choices as you dress up on a daily basis. They are not meant to limit you from expressing your personality as you see fit, and they definitely are not meant to hinder you from experimenting with colors and combinations.

Recently, I had someone leave a comment (in a very abusive tone, I might add) on my youtube channel. The comment got me thinking about how we tend to be so rigid when we decide we are going to follow style rules by the book.

“who say you muppets should tell people what to wear when you button the shirt up to the collar when you are not having a tie on?”

Excuse me? First of all, this rule was meant to show gent’s how to dress in the boardroom, a place that typically lacks style or creativity. 

So, for this post, I went ahead and wore a blue checkered double-breasted jacket with a t-shirt, jeans and tassel loafers with no socks. Traditionally, a double-breasted jacket lies on the formal end of the spectrum; so I decided to play around with the styling and it turned out pretty great.

So, grasshopper, go forth and break all the rules!

Outfit: ZOPO
Location: Two Rivers Mall
Photography:  Samsonia Photography

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by ZOPO. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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